Your Local Choice for Solar Energy

We Think Local

ImMODO Energy Services Corporation is the largest solar project developers in the San Joaquin Valley, with 38 MW on 9 different sites either operational or under construction. The company’s global expertise in solar PV construction, combined with its appreciation of the local business environment, make ImMODO the ideal partner for your solar energy needs.

Built on a World Platform

ImMODO produces photovoltaic energy in Spain and participates in joint ventures with industrial and local partners internationally. ImMODO has major new solar projects in Spain, India, the United States and Mexico.

Committed to the Community

We live in and invest in your community. ImMODO provides local living-wage jobs to community members, supports the local economy, joins public service clubs and organizations, and participates in community events. We take the time to educate parents and children at local schools about the benefits of using renewable energy.

Our Team

Photo of José Luis Moya Jiménez

CEO & Co-Founder José Luis Moya Jiménez

Jose Luis Moya is the main shareholder of ImMODO Group, Managing Director, and one of the foundering members of the company. He has over twenty years of management experience and is an expert in change management and project management. In addition to management acumen, My Moya has mastered the design of structures, efficient systems and innovative processes.

Photo of Jonathan Rappe

Senior Vice President Jonathan Rappe

With extensive experience in International energy project development in Latin America and SE Asia, Mr. Rappe oversees business development and business relations for clients, partners, and investors working with the company. Mr. Rappe has an MBA in Finance and Economics from Columbia Business School and MA in International Energy Management and Policy from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Photo of José Luis Lires González

Chief Construction Manager José Luis Lires González

Managing project construction for the company, Mr. Lires González has directed all projects of Immodo during his tenure, completing more than 20 projects including both ground-mounted and roof-mounted PV systems with a total installed capacity of more than 70 MW in the United States, Spain, and India. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and an MBA from top-ranked IESE Business School in Navarro, Spain.

Photo of Donald Dunning

Controller Donald Dunning

With more than 25 years in management with experience in budgeting, finance, human resources, payroll, and U.S. taxation, Mr. Dunning has Fortune 100 experience in the areas of accounting and following GAAP standards. He earned his Master of Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting and Finance from Florida Institute of Technology- Melbourne Florida.

Photo of Daniel Serber

Director of Commercial and Industrial Development Daniel Serber

Mr. Serber specializes in land acquisition, project development, and navigating projects through the permitting process. After receiving his Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning and Development from San Jose State University, Daniel worked in the public sector and now brings his experience and knowledge in this area to ImMODO.

Photo of Robert Whitfield, RME

Construction Manager Robert Whitfield, RME

Bringing 20 years of experience in the Electrical field and 15 years of experience as a General Contractor, Mr. Whitfield holds both his “B” and “C-10” License in the State of California and serves as the Responsible Managing Employee for ImMODO Energy with the CSLB. For the last 10 years he has focused on solar energy and has managed the installation of nearly 100 MW in the U.S. and the island nation of Samoa, providing energy savings for government, business and school projects, utilizing roof-top, carports and ground mounted systems.

Photo of Nick Askew

Senior Anaylist Nick Askew

Mr Askew has spent ten years in the field of energy efficiency as well as five years in the generation field. After recieving his degree in information technology Nick quickly was able to adapt those skills to customer facing energy analysis and usage modeling. Nick has spent the better part of fifteen years honing his skills at saving people money. He works under the guide of a simple motto:“There is absolutely no reason to continue giving the electric company your hard earned profits or wages.”



Photo of Jesús Vergara Igual

IT and Monitoring Systems Manager Jesús Vergara Igual

Jesus is responsible for configuring telemetric devices in the field and coordinating with system owners about system performance. He comes to ImMODO with a background in Application Development and Monitoring System Design. The monitoring system winch he and his team have developed, is operating with a total installed capacity of more than 70 MW in the United States, Spain, and India. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.