You Can Get a Free Carport…Seriously.

Carports, Solar, Power Purchase Agreements, and You.

Depending on where you are in the United States, summers can turn your car into an oven. Here in the Central Valley of California summers typically get well in excess of 100 degrees which sun bleaches our paint jobs, melts any plastic left inside, and makes getting into your car after work a dreadful experience. There is a solution to these heat woes that not only protects and shades but also turns the sunlight that would otherwise be deflected into clean, usable energy. This solution is the carport; a shade structure used to keep the solar panels up in the sunlight and the ground underneath cool. Historically, solar adopters have been reluctant to explore the idea because in many cases carports have been expensive. With a solar PPA you can get a carport installed AND save money on your power bills at ZERO cost to the customer. This sounds too good to be true, but as you will see this is not only true but also easy.

A Power Purchase Agreement or PPA is a system of Solar Financing where a third party purchases, installs and maintains a solar energy system and sells power to the consumer at a discounted rate. The third party utilizes the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and passes that discount onto the consumer. For consumers, the appeal of this configuration is that there are no upfront costs and consumers simply pay the PPA provider a discounted power rate instead of the utility company, and for many consumers these savings can be upward of 30%.

Not only are PV systems with carport shade structures eligible for the 30% investment tax credit, but PPA providers will pass that tax credit benefit along to the end user resulting in a situation where you pay nothing out of pocket, your power bills see a substantial decrease and you have a shade structure for your parking lot to boot. There is no other program that will, in a way, pay you to increase your property value and lower your monthly expenses while at the same time making you, your employees, and your customers more comfortable.

Our typical PPA packages offer generous buy out options at if any point you may want to purchase the system. After the 20 or 25-year contract period the system can be sold to the customer at fair market value or removed and the parking lot repaired at no cost to the customer.

So we’re serious… get lower power bills and a carport…for free.