By Nick Askew

Perhaps the cost of the solar system frightens you?  This is silly, you are already spending MORE money for electricity!

Perhaps you don’t really believe solar works?  Also silly, millions of people already know it works!

Perhaps you believe there will be something better in the future?  Interesting idea, but flawed; are you still riding a horse waiting for the automobile to get better?

Perhaps it’s hard to decide on a company?  Do what everyone does; get 3 quotes!  Then choose!

Perhaps the idea of sharing your information frightens you?  Hold nothing back, discuss openly your thoughts when speaking with a solar consultant!  After all, they are working for you!  For free!

Perhaps you have doubt that your business will be in the same location for 20 plus years?  Not really a concern when thinking about solar; a purchase of a solar system PAYS FOR ITSELF between 3-5 years an
d adds real value to the property!

Perhaps, after all the above, you believe solar is not worth it?  As an investment, solar garners returns between 7-25% annually!  equal to or more often better than any other investment available!

Perhaps you are waiting for prices to go down?  Why?!  It’s already lower than the utility company!  And you KNOW the utility company WILL NOT lower their rates!  Production of solar materials is already maxed out in efficiency.  If anything, solar materials will increase in cost because of natural resources becoming more difficult to come by!  Solar is being installed at a break neck pace all over the world.