Solar Energy Shines in California

The benefits of solar energy production in our region are growing.

With advances in technology, Central California’s abundant sunshine, strong commitment to a sustainable future, and generous incentives for new solar energy systems create an attractive business climate for users and investors.


3.6 MW

Tulare, California

4.2 MW

Exeter, California

4.2 MW

Ivanhoe, California

4.2 MW

Porterville, California

4.5 MW

Kingsburg, California

4.8 MW

Lindsay, California

ImMODO Energy Services is firmly committed to serving the diverse needs of commerce and agriculture
in Central California.

With local experience and global knowledge and expertise, ImMODO will present options that allow you to make informed choices to achieve your immediate
and long-term solar energy goals.

Solar Agriculture in Fresno, CA

As a business owner in the agriculture industry, you know the San Joaquin Valley is the prime location for solar agriculture. With the sunny climate, a commitment to a sustainable future, and incentives for solar energy systems, businesses in Fresno and the surrounding areas find themselves providing energy at reduced costs by using solar agriculture. At ImMODO, we understand the local climate and practices, and we’ll help you maximize the power of solar systems for your industry.


Solar Agriculture Services

Installing and running a solar system for your business is easier than you think when you use ImMODO Energy Services Corporation. We handle the entire process of solar system implementation and maintenance, including:

ImMODO Energy Services Coporation delivers full-scale engineering, procurement, and construction services, from production studies to comprehensive engineering and design.

Our turnkey solutions enable customers to focus on their business while we manage the solar project. Procuring from trusted international and local supply sources we deliver warrantied on-time, on-budget, quality-controlled projects—from site preparation, to installation and commissioning.

ImMODO’s seasoned project team provides a comprehensive resource and single point of responsibility for all phases of each project, from development to implementation.

  • Site evalutation and technology sourcing
  • Engineering and design
  • Installation and construction
  • System maintenance and monitoring

For qualifying customers, we can offer financing for solar energy projects through two models. We can install your system and lease it to you or you may enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA), which allows you to buy electricity at a predetermined rate under a long-term agreement.

You will immediately realize a lower combined energy cost between your utility bill and the ImMODO bill. ImMODO retains ownership of the solar project and absorbs the costs of design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Globally ImMODO provides ongoing operations and maintenance services for utility-scale and commercial photovoltaic systems. A diverse team of experts, with access to powerful technology and proprietary monitoring solutions, tracks all performance indicators and parameters to ensure optimized performance.

  • Monitor all important real-time data 24/7/365
  • Perform preventive maintenance and repair
  • Manage incidents and alerts
  • Audit energy production
  • Assess, report and achieve maximum ROI

To ensure continuously optimum performance, we use proprietary software to control and manage our operations. With operations and maintenance agreements covering PV projects totaling more than 100MW and growing, we’re responsible for systems generating more than 17GWhs annually.


With so many aspects involved, you may feel this is something you’d prefer to put off.
But the savings and benefits that come with solar agriculture are so great, you almost can’t afford not to begin the process today.
And with our comprehensive services, we take care of every detail from beginning to end - so you don’t have to worry.

You can trust that your system will run efficiently because of our technologically advanced monitoring systems.
We monitor in real time so we can catch any issues before they become setbacks.

Industries that Benefit from Solar Agriculture

We specialize in helping businesses meet their specific goals in the industrial, agricultural, and commercial industries, including: