Full Control When You Need It

Real-time information on the performance of your solar installation is critical to achieving your goals for energy savings, cost reduction, and sustainability. ImMODO’s proprietary monitoring system serves as a round the clock sentinel, often detecting issues long before they would be noticed through routine inspection.

More Than a Monitoring System

  • Multiuser, Multilanguage, and Multi-Plant
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Global access to plant’s status
  • Meteorological Data
  • Analysis tools down to series level
  • Data downloadable to EXCEL
  • Comparison of Installations
  • Camera Images
  • Relational analysis of components
  • 3D Navigation
  • Tracker Monitoring
  • Signal Display
  • Power vs. Solar Radiation
  • Real-time analysis of Inverters
  • Geo-localization of personnel and vehicles at anytime
  • Performance Ratio Test
  • Report Generation
  • Incidence Management
  • Invoice Generation
  • Modules to carry out tasks associated with preventive maintenance, cost control, and stock management
  • Production forecasts for the following hours and days based on data supplied by NASA
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