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If you’re a huller, wouldn’t it be great to buy power when it’s low and sell it high?

By owning your own power-plant you can sell power to the utility at the highest peak prices and credit that amount to your bill when you use it. This means you can build a smaller system and see maximum savings

Interested in Ag Solar? Your Timing couldn’t be better!

Effective as early as October 2016, California’s beneficial Net Energy Metering program is coming to an end. This means your solar savings will never be as good as they are now! To take advantage of all current benefits, your solar system must be interconnected by the expected October 2016 cut-off-date. Since an average large solar project takes 6 months to complete the time to act is now.

Estimate Your Savings

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If your project is completed before October 1, 2016

If your project is completed after October 1, 2016

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